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I may have my shit figured out today (mostly), but boy has it been a journey.

I have lived an active lifestyle for as long as I can remember, always participating in sports, being outdoors, and swimming all summer long in the PNW. However, my journey to feeding my body nourishing food has had many twists, turns, and backups. 

In Junior High I started dealing with body image issues, trying all the diets, and struggling with shame and guilt around eating. After college I became a kindergarten teacher (5 year old’s are rad!) and my health issues were heightened. I was exhausted all day but couldn’t sleep at night. My skin erupted with acne that I couldn’t fix with any cream or “wellness” routine. And my digestion was a struggle- constantly bloated and constipated, feeling so insecure because of my belly that hung over my work pants by the end of the day.

Eventually, I was introduced to the idea that food can be used as fuel, nourishment, and medicine. I read a cool cookbook about the healing effects of food that my husband’s grandma gave us, inspiring me to teach myself how to cook, and learn how to heal my insides.

It ignited a spark in me that led me to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I was able to marry my love for educating and new found love for nutrition into a career. I took their advanced course in Gut Health and started using the fundamentals from that course, along with my lived experience of healing my gut, to support clients as a gut health coach. 

It has been incredibly fulfilling to have people come to me in pain and leave my program healed, energized, and excited about their life again. *Cue praise hands emoji.

Whether you are here to minimize your daily bloat, make batch cooking a reality, wean yourself off coffee as your morning poop stimulant, or improve your sleep so you feel energized throughout the day, my job is to support you in making health and wellness a reality, and I F-ing love it.

I support my clients through 1 on 1 health coaching, my Digestive Fire Membership, and two courses designed to help you heal your gut and incorporate healthy habits that are fun.
​If you could use some help, I’m here for you. I would love to be your health hype girl and I know we will make it fun. 


I’m Kelsey, certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, gut health guru, digestive fire gal pal, healthy habits hype girl, recovering calorie counter, pizza connoisseur, and your new poop punning bff.

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I was struggling with frequent stomach pains and just general poor diet habits prior to working with Kelsey. Kelsey helped me get on an elimination diet which successfully helped me identify the foods that were causing my stomach pains. She helped me become more aware of the poor lifestyle choices I was making that contributed to my stomach issues. Working with Kelsey truly has been eye-opening. She has helped me realize that a lot of times making a positive health and lifestyle change doesn’t have to involve big and dramatic shifts in your life. It all starts with little things you can actively incorporate into your life. 

Nikki L.


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