I am here to inform, empower, inspire, and help you transform your health with science backed, proven lifestyle shifts that work.

We will work together to understand what real food is, how to get real food into your busy life, and how to make it easy and fun. You will also learn all about my 6 Habits to Health, how they can change your life, and how to realistically practice them daily.

Throughout the program, I will be helping you balance out the aspects of your life that impact your health. We will discuss your relationships, physical activity, career, and everything in-between, working towards a balanced, abundant, and nourishing life. 
This is your program and I am here to be your guide. If you would like help with a particular struggle (fatigue, food sensitivities, skin issues, digestion, etc.) I can cater your sessions to that need.

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Digestive and Gut Health Protocol

In addition to my standard one on one coaching program, I have also developed a protocol for those that struggle with digestive and gut health issues.

This program includes the above support along with my proven gut healing protocol. 

We will work together for 6 weeks on an elimination diet that is aimed to heal your gut lining. (I’ve got all the tools and recipes you need to implement the diet successfully!) Once your gut has started to heal, and you start feeling like yourself again, we add some foods back in and see how your body reacts, creating a plan from those results. After the elimination diet, we incorporate specific gut healing habits to continue to support your digestive fire and help you reach your healthiest you for the long run.

*The Digestive and Gut Health Protocol is a minimum of 10 sessions.

Coaching Package

Coaching Package

Coaching Package

Includes twelve 
60 minute sessions,
meeting 1x a week
or 2x a month,
via video conference

$117 per session

Includes ten
60 minute sessions,
meeting 1x a week
or 2x a month,
via video conference

$127 per session

Includes eight
60 minute sessions,
meeting 1x a week
or 2x a month,
via video conference

$147 per session

All programs include...

We will be working together to...

  • 60 minute sessions 2x or 4x a month
  • Accountability as you work toward your health goals.
  • A fun and informative grocery store tour.
  • Access to my customizable meal plans.
  • Food journals to pinpoint certain foods.
  • Email and text support between sessions.
  • Tools to accomplish my 6 Habits to Health.
  • New, healthy recipes that support your health goals.
  • Handouts specific for your needs and goals.
  • Workshops to inspire lasting change in your life.
  • Books, articles, and handouts specific to your needs
  • Complete compilation of all notes and recommendations made during our sessions.
  • Explore who you are, who you want to be, and why.
  • Learn about my 6 Habits to Health and how to make them a staple in your life.
  • Decipher your body's unique needs.
  • Implement tools and strategies that fit into your daily life that make your body and mind feel its best.
  • Set personal goals and work toward sustainable change.

Additional Support for the Digestive and Gut Health Protocol

All of the above +

  • Detailed Elimination Diet Protocol handbook and support working through it to understand it.
  • Recipes and meal plans designed for the elimination diet and the reintroduction phase, along with meal services that work on the diet.
  • Introduction of foods specifically for gut healing purposes.
  • Supplements suggested specifically for your body and the gut healing process.
  • Food Journals to pinpoint how foods make you feel.
  • Detailed information about bowel movements so you know what to look for, along with a Poop Log so you can start understanding your own bowel movements.

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