Hey you, budding batch cooker!

I'm stoked you are here!

Tired of spending hours upon hours making food for you and your fam every week?

Or if you aren't up for cooking after a long day of work and shuffling kids around, getting takeout that makes you feel crummy?

Been there... which is why I created the Batch Cooking Framework Course!

This course was designed with you in mind- a fun, full of life person that wants to live healthy, eat yummy, real food, and live a balanced, fulfilling life.

You want to meal prep but you don't want your entire Sunday consumed with getting food cooked and portioned into perfect little color coded Tupperware. You don't have time for that and, even if you did, you wouldn't want to spend it doing that. You have more important things to do on a Sunday like spend time with your family, go for a hike, or finally get to a Barre class.

​The Batch Cooking Framework Course teaches you an easier way.

Batch cooking that takes 60 minutes or less a week, using the same strategy over and over (so you don't have to spend hours finding recipes), and leaves room to change things up throughout the week, cause really, who wants to eat the same 3 meals everyday? No thanks.

Let's do it!

Applying the fundamentals in this course has changed my life. I travel a lot for work and have a really demanding job. I never prioritized nutrition and didn’t understand that what I was eating wasn’t nourishing my body. After being on a fad diet for over a year I wasn’t left with any tools to know what to do next. I was overwhelmed by meal prepping and didn’t know the first thing about cooking.

This course tells you everything you need to know and fills in all the blanks. Since I have changed the way I eat, and have taken all of this to heart, I have more energy, I feel great, and I crave fruits and vegetables and have no desire to eat the way I used to. You have a formula to prepare simple and tasty meals that leave you feeling satisfied. I can apply the concepts when I’m out with friends, on the road for work, or have the luxury of cooking at home.
I am easily maintaining a weight I am really happy with, which just happens to be a plus, and even see the benefits in my glowing skin as well :) Kelsey is the best and so is this course. 

Nicole B.

So who is this for?
People that have lot's of time on their hands, right?


This course is designed for people that are busy. Whether you are a Mom of four kids working a full-time job, a single guy or gal that works 60 hour weeks, a retiree that wants to up their health, or a married couple that works from home.

If you are a person that wants to get real food into your body to start feeling better, but wants to do it in a low stress, easy, quick way, this is the course to help you. It is designed to make your life easier and healthier.


If implemented consistently, this could help people struggling with:

Digestive issues

Low energy

Weight gain

High cholesterol

High blood pressure

Brain fog

Skin issues

A chronic disease

Disrupted sleep

A compromised gut

Hormone imbalances

The Details

The course has 6 modules and takes about 60-90 minutes to complete. Once you have it, it's yours to keep! You can come back to it and retake it as often as you like.  The course can be done on any desktop, laptop, or smart phone device. 

  • a brief intro of me
  • how it will help you
  • an outline
  • what batch cooking is
  • a list of kitchen tools, utensils, and basics you need to cook
  • what real food is and why it's important
  • the 8 Basics of Batch Cooking (the framework)
  • how to execute the framework
  • prepping for cooking
  • putting it all together
  • a week of batch cooking example
  • a wrap up quiz (Don't worry, no one will be judging your score!)

The course takes you through:

and lots of extras too!

  • How to Wash Produce PDF​
  • How to Store Prepped Produce PDF
  • Grains Cooking Guide PDF
  • The Ultimate Sauce Collection
  • A bonus Grocery Shopping Checklist
  • Bi-monthly batch cooking videos from me!

I'm ready!

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$23 off for a limited time!

For all 6 modules + extra resources!

Are you ready to get cooking???

Let's do this!

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This course is not for someone that wants a one-size-fits-all diet to implement. It is not a diet plan. It is a process to implement to get real food into your body in an easier way. If implemented consistently, and if your body needs it, it could result in weight loss. 

​The information shared in the Batch Cooking Framework Course has been gathered and put together by me, Kelsey Cohrt, from years of batch cooking experience, testimonials from clients and family/friends, and information gathered during my health coaching certification process with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I am not a doctor and am not prescribing or advising anyone to change their diet or medications. This is simply a tool to help you get more real food into your body. Please discuss any changes to your diet and/or lifestyle with your doctor.

A couple of things to note...