Who is this course for?

For you, my friend that wants their bloating to be gone, Wants to eat food that makes them feel good, and wants to feel trim and energized after your meals.

You're probably feeling "bleh"

  • Bloated every day, embarrassed that your pants are too tight after each meal.
  • Can't remember your last #2 because it's so inconsistent OR you use coffee to go.
  • Carrying a little extra weight and you can't figure out why... you eat all the right things and exercise, but it won't go away.
  • Seasonal allergies- check!
  • Low energy- always.
  • Crappy sleep- is there anything else?

I've been there. I've experienced it all. And I've come to one conclusion...

It all comes back to the gut.

Healing your gut is key.

(and The Happy, Healthy Belly  Course can help!)

What is the HHB Course?

The Happy, Healthy Belly Course is a virtual course that offers 1-on-1 support (cause haven't we all struggled with programs where you are left to your own devices?).

As a former kindergarten teacher turned health coach, I know what it takes to help people make changes- individualized instruction, accountability, and time to give things a try on your own.

But the real kicker that sets this virtual course apart is the 1-on-1 help from me!

You get to schedule two 30 minute sessions with me so that I can help you incorporate these habits in your unique life, with your specific hurdles.

Each module will teach you one of the eight gut healing habits I've created that will help to make your belly feel good again.

We will also get started on my Elimination Diet Protocol that has been proven to heal digestive bloating and issues for good. I've got all of the recipes, tips, and support you need to make it work!

You take each module (about 30-60 minutes a module) online at your convenience, either listening to it with each module's podcast, or reading the transcription.

Then we connect 1 on 1 whenever you feel like you could use a little extra support or need some super specific  troubleshooting... "Is it ok that my poops look like this?" or "How much chocolate is 'healthy?'".

The Modules

10 Modules that will cover food, lifestyle, and everything in between so your gut can start healing itself and you can start feeling fresh AF, saying good bye to bloating for good...

What resources will I get?

You know I love a good bonus...

Along with 10 modules covering all you need to know about the gut and how to heal it, making your belly so, so happy, you will get a handful of extra tools-

  • Two 30 minute 1-on-1 sessions with me to help you navigate the course, the habits, and how they will all fit into your life. (If you wish. You can opt out of this option!)

  • A full Elimination Diet Protocol packet along with EDP approved recipes so your gut and belly can feel some relief and start to heal.

  • Tons of gut healing recipes.

  • My 7 Day Gut Healing Meal Plan PDF, The Gradual Gut Healing Meal Plan, and 2 Day Probiotic Meal Plan.

  • Access to me via email 5 days a week or as needed!

Kelsey takes the time and effort to address each individuals needs and situations. The information provided and new habits are extremely practical and beneficial.

Prior to the program I would say I was health conscious. After being a part of this program, I really love real food. I am more aware of what I am putting in my body, where it came from, and how I eat (chew) the food I eat. 

Khara T.

Okay, cool. So how much is it?


Only offered once per year!

  • 10 hours of course content - value = $970

  • Two 1 on 1 sessions w/ me - value = $194

  • Elimination Diet Protocol Packet and Support along with EDP approved recipes- value = $257

  • Four meal plans - value = $160

I sincerely believe everyone has the right to educate themselves about their body, and this discounted course is my way of fostering that principle.

Let's break it down...

Total Value = $1,581

However, the goal of my business is to make healthy living a reality for EVERYONE, not just people that have expendable income.
For that reason, I've priced the HHB Course starting at just


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