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A biz all about helping you heal your gut, create digestive fire, and live a vibrant life through fun lifestyle shifts that last. Oh, and we don’t shy away from poop talk here, so let the poop puns flow!

I love what I do - support busy people with incorporating healthy habits into their lives, focusing on digestive and gut health, cause the gut is so cool, and like REALLY important.

This is a passion of mine because I lived an unhealthy life for years, trying all the diets (Anyone remember SlimFast?), eating all the processed food (Diet Coke was lyyyfe) , and being way too sleep deprived and stressed. 

This 90's kid has experienced all the unhealthy things, and my digestion and gut suffered. Picture a constantly bloated belly and crazy skin breakouts.
If you've been there, or are there, I'm sorry. But I’ve got you!

I work with clients in my one-on-one health coaching programs, my Happy, Healthy Belly program (it’s a blast!) and have two courses dedicated to healing your gut with sustainable habits that are fun. Checkout my services page for more info!

And if you have a sec, send me a quick email to say "hi"! I would love to hear from you, why you are here, and an interesting fact about ya.

An interesting fact about me ~ I can say the alphabet backwards. Not to brag, but I can do it pretty fast.

Hey! I’m Kelsey Cohrt- educator, gut health expert, digestive fire master, healthy habits hype girl, and the creator of this rad place, Northwest Health Coaching.

More about Me

I have been on so many different diets before, none worked. After working with Kelsey I learned the impact each food would have on my body, and learned a sustainable way to eat well while losing weight. I transitioned easily to have better eating habits and mindfulness with health routines with her teaching approach. Now I’m conscious about what I eat and what it will do to my body. The feeling is incredible. Working with Kelsey has been amazing.

Grace L.

The One Recipe You Need to Stop Feeling Bloated Quiz

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I crafted these freebies with you in mind! Get a jump start on your digestive journey with these two high-quality resources. Click the link to download now!

5 Tips for Top-Notch Digestion

The 1 Week Meal Plan You Need for Daily Poops

Say goodbye to straining trips to the bathroom or using coffee to help you go. This free PDF will help you go from bloated, constipated, and backed up to digestion that is easy, consistent, and energizing.

Delicious daily meals, a shopping list, and tips to eat mindfully so that your digestion is fired up and you start pooping daily without stimulants! This meal plan has got you coverd!

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Download Now!

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The One Recipe You Need to Stop Feeling Bloated